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BBQ Area

Create lasting memories at our family BBQ/picnic area and savor delicious moments amidst nature’s beauty and tranquility.

Outdoor Pool

Dive into luxury at our outdoor pool, crystal-clear waters, sun-kissed ambiance, and ultimate relaxation await you.

Free WiFi

Enjoy seamless connectivity with complimentary Wi-Fi, stay connected effortlessly during your stay for work or leisure.

HVAC System

Experience year-round comfort in our rooms with adjustable air-conditioning and heating, your perfect haven in any season.


Convenience at your fingertips—rooms equipped with refrigerators for storing snacks and refreshing beverages effortlessly.


Visit our hotel’s enchanting new gazebo, perfect for indulging in scenic tranquility and unforgettable moments of serenity.

Coastal Charms: Exploring Port Isabel’s Maritime Heritage and Scenic Attractions

Port Isabel Lighthouse, Your Gateway to Maritime

Embark on a journey through maritime history at the Port Isabel Lighthouse, a cherished beacon since 1852. Located near our hotel, climb its spiral staircase for panoramic views, explore exhibits on navigation history, and enjoy tranquil picnics in the scenic grounds. Make your stay unforgettable with a visit to this iconic Gulf Coast landmark.

Breathtaking Views: South Padre Bridge

Marvel at the engineering marvel of the South Padre Bridge, a gateway to island paradise. Located near our hotel, this iconic structure offers breathtaking views of the Gulf and Laguna Madre. Whether you’re crossing for leisure or exploration, the bridge provides a stunning backdrop, enhancing your stay with us.

Discover the Dolphin and Nature Research Center

Delve into marine wonders at the Dolphin and Nature Research Center, a short distance from our hotel. Witness the grace of dolphins, explore educational exhibits on marine life, and partake in conservation efforts. Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty and discovery, enhancing your stay with a visit to this remarkable center for aquatic enthusiasts and families alike.

Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark Adventure

Dive into excitement at Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark, conveniently located near our hotel. Experience thrilling water rides, lazy river relaxation, and family-friendly attractions. A perfect destination for aquatic joy, creating unforgettable memories during your stay. Make a splash and enjoy the ultimate waterpark adventure on South Padre Island.

Boca Chica Beach & SpaceX Launchpad Adventure

Discover the unique blend of coastal beauty and space exploration at Boca Chica Beach, adjacent to our hotel. Witness SpaceX launches from the nearby launchpad, combining beach relaxation with the excitement of space innovation. Immerse yourself in the charm of Boca Chica, where nature meets the frontier of space exploration.